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We understand that every market is different. We work with our customers to identify and develop solutions which work best for them, our customers receive the benefit of our over twenty years of experience, vast network of operations in 8 countries. Jalaj Exim renowned industry reputation ensures that they receive the best quality products & solutions at the most competitive prices.

  • Our Business

    Jalaj Exim has been involved in the business of exporting grains, seeds, and oils since 2012 in Jaipur. Here's a generic outline of what such a business might involve:

  • Supply Chain

    Agro commodities & foodstuffs trading is a dynamic market.Our supply chain solutions provide the best options to our coustomer with overnight changing in Buying habits, markets & trends.

Grains & Pulses

Grains and pulses are staple food items that form the basis of many diets around the world. Here's an overview of grains, pulses, and their significance

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Oilseeds, Oil Cakes & Oils

Oilseeds, Oil Cakes & Oils oilseeds, oil cakes, and oils form an integral part of agriculture, food production, and various industries.

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Feed Additives & Supplements

Feed additives and supplements are substances added to animal feeds to enhance the nutritional content, promote growth, improve feed efficiency,

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FMCG stands for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. These are consumer products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost.

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Fruits & Vegetable

Fruits and vegetables are essential components of a healthy diet, providing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors,

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Dry Fruits

Dry fruits, also known as dried fruits, are fruits from which the majority of the original water content has been removed through drying methods. The drying process extends the shelf life of fruits and concentrates their flavors, making them a convenient and nutritious snack. Here's an overview of dry fruits:

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A warehouse is a large commercial space used for the storage of goods. Warehouses play a crucial role in the logistics and supply chain management of businesses.



Packaging refers to the process of enclosing a product in materials designed to protect, contain, and market it. It involves the creation and design of the exterior.


Shipping and Transport

Shipping and transport are integral components of the global supply chain, facilitating the movement of goods from manufacturers to consumers.


Shipping Documentation

Shipping documentation is a crucial aspect of international trade and logistics, facilitating the movement of goods across borders


Product Safety

Product safety is a critical aspect of product design, manufacturing, and distribution, aimed at ensuring that products do not pose harm to consumers or the environment.


Goods Quality

Goods quality refers to the standard or level of excellence of a product or service. It is a critical aspect of any business operation as it directly influences customer satisfaction,


Goods Agrement

It seems there might be a typo or misunderstanding in your question. If you are referring to a "goods agreement," it could mean a contract or an arrangement between parties regarding the purchase, sale, or exchange of goods.



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